Global Voices Webinar

What can Christians in America learn from their brothers and sisters around the world? Join us for a special conversation with Christian leaders from the Majority World as we listen and learn from their faithful walk in hard places.

  • Hear what pastors in Africa and Asia think American evangelicals can learn from Christians in their context.
  • Learn from global church leaders Chris Wright (U.K. scholar, author of The Mission of God), and Conrad Mbewe (Zambian pastor, author of God’s Design for the Church: A Guide for African Pastors and Ministry Leaders).
  • Get a first listen to Langham’s new podcast, “On Mission with Chris Wright.”

Hosted by Ben Homan (Langham US President), and introducing special guest and co-host of Langham’s new podcast, Angel Terrero (Miami Youth for Christ).

*Originally aired on 10 November, 2020.