Langham founder John Stott with Metropolitan Rev. Dr Alexander Marthoma (1912-2000), a theological leader in India.

“We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God.”

– John Stott, founder, Langham Partnership


Since its founding in 1969 by John Stott, Langham Partnership has been committed to training and resourcing indigenous Christian leaders throughout the Majority World—places where the church is under pressure and under-resourced. God is growing His kingdom in these hard regions, and His people need solid biblical teaching to grow in their faith.

Today, Langham’s work multiplies leaders to bring Christ into their cultures in 130+ countries across Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. They become transformational leaders within their regions and powerful voices within their cultures.

Langham Voices is designed to bring these Majority World voices to the hearts of Jesus followers in the west. May their insights and wisdom bless you, encourage you, and draw you closer to God’s mission around the world.

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“John Stott foresaw the rise of Christianity in the global south before most others. He got out there first and he saw the need for training. This ministry [Langham] has been a game changer.”

– Tim Keller, author and founder, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, NY

“Thanks to John Stott’s vision and self-sacrificial commitment to the values of God’s reign, and to the faithful stewardship of Langham Partnership, the seeds of radical discipleship are being sown and watered around the world by schools of biblical preachers, by biblical scholars and by evangelical writers.”

– Ruth Padilla DeBorst, influential Christian leader across Latin America; Director of Christian Formation and Leadership development, World Vision

“When John Stott began this ministry, he was thinking of serving from the relatively resource-rich churches of the West to reach out in love, compassion, and brotherhood to poorer parts of the world, the Majority World. But in some ways what is happening is that by enabling the Majority World church to be strengthened in its theological understanding, now that life and vigor and growth in churches across Africa, Latin America and Asia is feeding back into the church in the West, which needs it greatly.”

– Dr. Christopher Wright, Old Testament scholar & author; International Ministries Director, Langham Partnership

“By perpetually listening to the needs of the global church, Langham is finding creative, cost-effective solutions to meet those needs just as John Stott did in the organization’s humble beginnings . . . There is much yet to be done at this critical juncture in the history of the global church. Langham is on the forefront of bringing God’s Word to the world.”

– Mark Labberton, President of Fuller Theological Seminary