Becoming a Refuge: Sex Trafficking and the People of God

Myrto Theocharous, Greece

A Greek Bible scholar explores the issue of sex trafficking through the lens of the Old Testament, and calls the …

What Do You Bring Back With You From the Global Church?

Paul Windsor, New Zealand

12 radical lessons learned from the global church.

Praying Psalm 23 with a Palestinian Israeli Scholar

Yohanna Katanacho, Palestine

Psalm 23 through Middle Eastern eyes speaks hope for believers everywhere.

Lamentless Churches

Vinoth Ramachandra, Sri Lanka

Churches need a theology of lament to lead the hurting to hope.

Scripture as the Interpreter of Culture and Tradition

Kwame Bediako, Ghana

Does God’s Word have anything to say about our cultures, past or present? In his introduction to the Africa Bible …

Becoming and Being Church, the People of God

David Zac Niringiye, Uganda

Meant for more than just Sunday–a Ugandan theologian reflects on the purpose of God’s church.

Ministering to the Displaced: The Importance of Place and the Need to Belong

Rupen Das & Brent Hamoud, India & Lebanon

The church can love displaced people by providing for more than just physical needs.

The Questions of Grief

Vinoth Ramachandra, Sri Lanka

The psalmist believes in a God who is big enough to handle his doubts, protests and anger–and so should we.

Five Insights on Evangelism from an Arab Christian

Hikmat Kashouh, Lebanon

Loving our neighbors means sharing Jesus with them, even in challenging contexts. What can we learn from a fellow believer …

Religion, a Means to Disobedience: A Reflective Analysis of the Story of the Golden Calf in Exodus 32

Hermann Mvula, Malawi

Lessons from Exodus for contemporary Africans (and all of us) looking for God in “golden calf” cultures.