Bottom of the Well Theology

Roman Soloviy, Ukraine

Important lessons Ukrainian Evangelical believers have learned through facing the challenges brought by the war.

Building Hope and Resilience in the COVID-19 Storm

Gladys Mwiti, Kenya

In times of peril, since we know that God is with us, we can practice the discipline of lament. In …

An Advent Reflection: JESUS IS THE BREAD OF LIFE

Havilah Dharamraj, India

Our response to “Jesus is the bread of life” can flow from our cultural context. From a follower of Jesus …

The Kingdom of God: Paul’s Appeal for Christian Unity and Fellowship

Corneliu Constantineanu, Romania

Christians are called to overcome and transcend the differences and various barriers of separation and live in unity as they …

Faithful through Hard Seasons: Reflections from an Arab Christian

Hikmat Kashouh, Lebanon

Loving our neighbors means sharing Jesus with them, even in challenging contexts. What can we learn from a fellow believer …

Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People?

Gerardo Corpeño, Guatemala

A reflection on two encounters with Jesus in the Book of Luke leads us to a deeper gratitude of God’s …

More Than Just a Building: What Puts the “Local” in Local Church?

Elie Haddad, Lebanon

As the pandemic has disrupted the ability to physically gather, a Lebanese Christian scholar explores new ways of understanding our …

A Case for Interfaith Dialogue in the Middle East

Martin Accad & Tim Brys, Lebanon

How can we build bridges across sectarian lines as we pursue peace amidst conflict?

On Earth as it is in Heaven: Thinking Through Citizenship With a Lebanese Christian

Elie Haddad, Lebanon

As followers of Jesus and citizens of this world, what does the Bible say about how we should relate to …

Why Your Bookshelf Needs Books from Majority World Authors

Ian Darke, Costa Rica

Three strategies for how churches in the West can partner with and receive the blessing of the writing and wisdom …